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"Beth is an amazing talent! Creative, thorough, and fast! Almost immediately she has become an amazing and practically indispensable asset to us. Her professionalism and expertise makes us all shine!"- Gretchen Hanson, Senior Product Manager, Parchment

"I've been working with Beth since 2003. She was the first person I brought on when I started as VP of marketing at Elluminate. Almost all the website copy, collateral, case studies, and press releases were written by Beth, and she stayed with Elluminate (and later Blackboard Collaborate) for the next 10 years in increasingly important roles. In 2014, Beth is one of the first people I am contracting with at Parchment to improve our PR and product marketing disciplines as our marketing ramps up."- Rajeev Arora, SVP Products, Parchment

"I have had the pleasure of being a peer with Beth at Elluminate as well as having hired her for some of my own work. She is combination of powerful writer and effective businessperson. Beth is pragmatic and flexible, and has the right touch when she needs to guide a client in the right direction, even if the client has yet to realize they need to get there. Beth's experience, demeanor, and work ethic make her an ideal selection as a content marketing and writing partner."- Gary Dietz, marketing dude, dad, and editor of the book "Dad's of Disability"

"Beth Gallob is an enthusiastic, solid team player that has a genuine passion for her work. In addition to having an expertise in product marketing, writing and content development, Beth is a creative thinker who is always game to try something new and think outside the box. She always showed integrity and a strong work ethic. A quick learner and enthusiastic partner, it was great to have Beth on our team." - Lauren Dyke, Senior Manager, Public Relations and Communication, Blackboard

"For GREAT service, I recommend Alpha Dog Communication." - Buddy Cotter, Westie Mix

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"Writing is easy. All you have to do is cross out the wrong words."

- Mark Twain

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